Strength of the company
Strength of the company


Assessments and development of an existing structure
Assessments and development of an existing structure


Services and expertise:
Services and expertise:


The drawing of fabrication drawing and the Building information modeling both come in this era as a high-tech multimedia technique. These are competence with the engineering projects. TECHNOMEN is a renowned company that offers high quality, smart designs that modified and changed with the modern techniques of engineering work and attract the global world of technology with its high acceptance.

This is a leading company that endows you with a supreme service on work estimation, structural, architectural and technical designing, smart drawing, soil investigating, surveying etc. For the changing time, the types of services also changed and we offer most upgraded techniques to our customers to deliver a successful project on time.

In this modern age, the design process is also changed. The days of pen and paper for the fabrication drawings are now an old model. Every single detail of BIM and structural designing is now depending on modern technology, so we provide the same.

Our surveying method is to help the supervise intricacy and develop the construction projects performance.

Visualization of Building in a 3D method

construction company can work much better as a team, with the subcontractors and customers. They can easily correct and identify the faults in a 3d design model, before applying it in real life and fix them fast. We are a strong team with hands on skill to assure a satisfactory service to our clients.

Management changing

Furnishing and alteration of the structure for a building can check automatically for our smart ideas and techniques. It also can improve the quality by identified the conflict.

Simulation of construction

With the help of magical software pathways, our designers try various designs and can optimize it for the finest ratio of cost performance and give an assurance of safety and the soundness of construction.

Management of Data

You can attach all types of project data like the photos, written notes, schedule details etc so that one can find all details in one space as we concentrate more to manage the data and documentation properly

Management of Operational

We can survey or supervise the work and performance of building, like the consumption of energy for a lifetime and to enhance the efficiency in extension and remodeling.

CAD and 3D service for Fabrication drawings

We have chosen the most glorified process the CAD, to make the process more efficient. It helps to cost reduction and to accelerate the schedules of the construction.

This type of fabrication Drawing has been reaping the reimbursement of information of building construction for a long decade, we just use the latest version of that.

With our services of designing and drawing, building construction method is very easy now it is also very convenient for the customers because they can easily understand and choose their preferred designing by viewing the designs on a computer. They can also change or modify their requirement before applying it on the field. As we provide the demonstration of the design to our clients.

In the genre of construction and building, there is a huge stipulate for the cost friendly methods. The most interesting fact about that is, the new technologies and new innovations are successfully fulfilling the requirements from the last decades. Our services are really satisfying, smart and cost friendly.



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